Obituray - David Edwards

ORC has learned from RORC that David Edwards passed away peacefully at his home on Friday 8th June 2012. He will be remembered and missed by many in the RORC and ORC communities, and condolences are extended to close friends and family. David was the first Chairman of the newly-formed Offshore Rating Council, whose constitution was approved by ISAF in 1969, the inaugural year of use for the first international rating rule, the IOR.

The IOR arrived just in time to catch the boom in international racing represented by the growth of the Admiral's Cup, the Southern Cross and the Onion Patch series. The boom itself caused some serious problems that began to arise in rule management in the mid-1970s: intense international competition encouraged designers to exploit the Rule to the fullest and to produce highly specialized racing boats. This was unpopular in some regions, such as the US, where many owners favored the traditional compromise between cruiser and racer.

As Chairman of the Council from 1970 to 1978, David made great contributions during this tumultuous period in ORC history, not least in preserving a delicate balance between these interests by generally favoring rule changes to protect the existing fleet against early obsolescence. Rules were changed only as loopholes were exploited, a principle that has endured in modern race rule management.



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