Rolex Capri Sailing Week: ORC Tyrrhenian Champions


20 May 2019

  Rolex Capri Sailing Week has rewarded us with a grand finale that managed to overcome the previously predicted bad weather. Being the last race of the series, on the final day there were many points up for grabs for the final classifications in the various Classes and groupings, which determined the titles of the ‘Campione Nazionale del Tirreno’ 2019.

The National Thyrrenian Champions - In ORC Class A (Cruising Regatta) it was Air Is Blue taking the title, the TP52 owned by Renzo Monti (LNI Milan). In ORC Class B (Regatta) Antonio Pollicino’s M37 Sekeles won the title, while Class 0 was won by Stefano Masi’s Swan 45 Ulika, with a close-knit crew that has been on the regatta courses for years.
n the Class 1 Cruising Regatta, Le Coq Hardi prevailed, the X41 owned by Maurizio Pavesi. In Class 2 it was Canopo, Adriano Majolino’s Grand Soleil 39, that took the class title. In Class 3 the victory went to Concetto Costa’s First 35 from Catania, Squalo Bianco…. Lastly in Class 4, also a Cruising Regatta, success went to the Este 31 Globulo Rosso, a team that combines experience and an injection of youthfulness.

This edition of Rolex Capri Sailing Week will be memorable for its record numbers and achievements. And in 2020 the event will grow significantly, thanks to the announcement of the event being the European ORC Championship, which will increase the fleet size due to the anticipated participation of many foreign crews.



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