Varna Channel Cup 2019


29 May 2019

  Over 23-26 May over 35 yachts and 350 sailors from Bulgaria and Romania participated in the 6th edition of the Varna Channel Cup regatta, organized by Yacht Club Bavaria Yachts Varna, LZ yachting 1991 with the cooperation of the Municipality of Varna and Mayor Ivan Portnih with the support of Hotel – Casino Black Sea.

The official start of the 6th edition of the regatta was marked by the well-known Pro-Am race, which enables beginners and professionals to demonstrate their capabilities in sailing. 18 professional crews launched the race and 10 beginners who enjoy sailing. The race started with 17 knots in the wind but quite a few of the yachts that started failed to finish because of no wind in the late hours of the day. In the evening an official welcome party was held at the Black Sea Hotel and Casino.

The first day from the regatta welcomed the contestants with constant rain that did not change their desire to compete. Classes were divided into fast and slow boats, with the fast group (ORC A and IRC 1) led by Petra, Krone 1, LZ yachting 1991 and Oxygen. In the first race Petra (Nikola Dukov, VC Pontos Varna) led the pack, but in the next two races the team was penalized for OCS and an incident at the windward mark. This provided an opportunity for Oxygen to win ( Demir Ivanov) and Windwalker (Alexander Alexandrov, YC Nessebar 2009). Classes ORC B, ORC C and ORC D were led by Wasabi (Valentin Nikolov, YC Chernomoretz Bourgas), Srebrena (Dimitar Filipov) and Odesoss (Kalin Georgiev). At the end of the day, 3 successful races for all classes were held.

The second day of racing was full of emotion, jubilant for some, crushing for others. In three classes - ORC B, C, D – the Wasabi, Srebrena, and Odessos crews also won the fourth race and continued ahead. In IRC 1 and ORCA, the race was won by Krone One and Oxygen. The fastest in elapsed time for race 4 was the Espresso Martini crew, finishing in 1 hour, 11 minutes and 59 seconds. As if in a movie, the finale of race 5 spun an intrigue between several boats, but fair competition gave the Evil Woman Crew an opportunity to take the lead. Finishing only seconds apart, the scene was exciting with only 3-4 meters separating the boats from the pedestrian zone in the Port of Varna. Due to the dying breeze, the only possible winner in the race was the crew of Evil Woman, as the other few boats – Petra, Windwalker, and Espresso Martini – did not get enough wind to move to the finish. The most poignant moment, however, was the reaction of the competitors, showing their respect for Evil Woman expressed in applause.

On the last day of the regatta, triangle type races were held in the bay accompanied by windless moments – changing conditions throughout the regatta that allowed crews to show the full range of skills they were capable of. The regatta was filled with drama, tension, struggle and a lot of rain, so the champions were well deserved in all classes: Krone One (Rumen Kotov, YC Port Bourgas), Evil Woman (Peter Dimitrov, YC St. Nikolay Sofia) , Wasabi (Valentin Nikolov, YC Chernomorets Bourgas) , Srebrena (Dimitar Filipov, VC Pontos Varna) and Odesoss (Kalin Georgiev, YC Bavaria yachts Varna) all received their award Cups and applause from their colleagues. This first regatta for the sailing season was one of the best and most interesting regattas for keel yachts in Bulgaria.

This year’s edition had some very interesting racing, being the premiere of several new yachts in the fleet: the LZ yachting 1991 team, which this year made their debut with the Grand Soleil 42R, as well as Espresso Martini and Krone One who made their serious challege in the championship. This expanded the fleet of fast boats in Bulgaria to exceed 10 boats. The big competition from these new players, accompanied by the acting champions Evil Woman and Windwalker, are pointing towards a hotly-contested season ahead.





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