Since its introduction in 2014, the ORC Super Yacht Rule (ORCsy) has grown in popularity in response to use of a VPP-based system that is fully transparent, responsive to its users and measurement-based. ORC has created this system with the cooperation of the world’s leading organizer of SuperYacht events, the Super Yacht Racing Association (SYRA). The project was developed during 2014 and 2015 and includes the collection of all information related to yachts intending to participate in SuperYacht regattas around the world.

ORC has also created this website dedicated to making available all the needed information, rules, guidelines and forms related to the ORCsy system. This includes the following:

- How to get log-in access to the ORCsy section of the website
- The application process explaining how to get an ORCsy certificate
- Detailed explanation of the parts of the ORCsy certificate
- Description of the Corinthian Spirit Class Certificates
- Section for certificate payment
- How to purchase the ORCsy DVP for Designers, Builders, Project Managers, etc.

In these past 3 years the ORCsy technical staff has been able to create and manage the largest measurement database ever for these kinds of yachts, reaching a 2017 total of 195 Super Yachts receiving certificates with more expected in 2018. There is an enormous variety of yachts in this database, ranging from old style schooners to modern sloops, traditional ketches, etc., with displacements up to 1.300 tons and lengths up to 90 meters.

Accurate measurements are therefore a key factor in the success of this system: simply put, the more accurate the data the more accurate the ratings of the yacht.

When this system started there were few measurements available and data was provided by Super Yacht Captains or Managers, and made also available through the cooperation of designers, sailmakers, builders and suppliers to these magnificent yachts.

However, as more yachts have been measured it has become apparent that much of this declared data has been far from accurate. Therefore both SYRA and ORC have been encouraging all racing Super Yachts to get measured as soon as practical to ensure accuracy and fairness for all participants.

To encourage this policy, Super Yacht programs are reminded that the 2018 ORCsy VPP will feature a more significant rating adjustment (approximately 1% across all wind ranges) for those yachts that are unmeasured. This adjustment will be noted on 2018 certificates.  The rating authority is also considering a further increase of the rating adjustment in 2019 so that all those planning to race in the future should make arrangements with the ORCsy team to be measured.

There are two steps to measuring – the out of water hull scanning to capture offset files and then the flotation and inclining procedure while in the water. To date, more than 50 superyachts were fully measured with around 20 partially measured or scheduled early in 2018.

As ORCsy certificates are issued, they are loaded into a database managed by ORC and accessible through the ORCsy Sailor Service web portal (available on the top right hand side of the ORC mainpage). On this site there is also information on how to apply for an ORCsy certificate. Sources of data to complete an application for rating include the yacht’s stability booklet, 3D drawings of the hull, or, ideally, the yacht’s offset file, and any other supporting materials, including the deck plan, GA, tanks plan and sailplan drawings, etc. as clearly listed at the “On-Line Application” page.

Also on this site designers and technical advisors can also purchase the latest version of the ORCsy VPP for testing, while other users can run test certificates on their own using the online portal. More details on the ORCsy Rule are described in the other chapters of this ORCsy website.

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